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Hey fellow traders, if you are new here, check out this guide to learn how to use our Signal tab! #Signal# ...

Laporan Trading Teratas FOLLOWME Community - Minggu pertama Januari 2021

2021/01/04 - 2021/01/08 Total Volume Trading 418,459 (Oleh 300,684 atau 39.1% w-o-w) Segalanya tampak baru di tahun 'Banteng' 2021 ini. Mengendarai awal yang baru ini, inilah peringkat minggu pertama komunitas perdagangan kami bulan ini. Untuk minggu ini, TOP 10 Trader telah menghasilkan keuntu


Finding the right Signal to copy trade can be tricky and painful sometimes. But that doesn't mean you have to repeat the same cycle to find yourself a quality trader to follow. With the dynamic filtering feature and sorting function on FOLLOWME Signal tab, you can choose one based on your preference

FOLLOWME Top GEM Signals - Profit/Loss Ratio

Finding the right Signal to copy trade can be tricky and painful sometimes. With the dynamic filtering and sorting functions on FOLLOWME Signal tab, you can choose one best suit your preferences in terms of winning rate, subscribers, profit amount, following amount and more! To help you start off, w

FOLLOWME Top GEM Signals - Rasio Untung/Rugi (Indonesian)

Menemukan Sinyal yang tepat untuk menyalin perdagangan terkadang sulit dan menyakitkan. Dengan fungsi pemfilteran dan penyortiran dinamis pada tab Sinyal FOLLOWME, Anda dapat memilih satu yang paling sesuai dengan preferensi Anda dalam hal tingkat kemenangan, pelanggan, jumlah keuntungan, jumlah men


If you are looking to ace up your trading strategies or simply looking for the right copy trading signals, this is where you should keep your eyes on every week, starting today! Here, we highlight ONE fantastic trader every week based on their trading performance and ranking. If you have been here b

FOLLOWME Community Top Trading Report - First week of January 2021

2021/01/04 - 2021/01/08 Total Trading Volume 418,459 (Up by 300,684 or 39.1% w-o-w) Everything looks new in the year of ‘Bull’ this 2021. Riding on this new start, here comes the first-week ranking of our trading community this month. For this week, the TOP 10 Traders have delivered a total profit o


Before the year 2020 ends, we would like to show you our gratitude by hosting this special campaign in order to hear from each of you about your trading skills. But we won't be focusing on the symbols or technical analysis this round, instead, we want to hear from you about your tips and insights in

Sweet Deal For First-Time COPY TRADER

Are you looking for a Signal but not sure where or how to start? Here's something to help you out! If you have not tried our COPYTRADE feature or subscribe to a Signal before, just mention #COPYTRADENOW# in the comment section below and we will give you 150 FCOIN to try your first cop