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Hye. I have deep passion towards trading forex. My aim is to become professional trader

Choosing a Forex Broker

Getting to start trading forex is not an easy step. But before getting your hands dirty, you might want to set your foot right before even taking that first step. That would be choosing a broker. What is a broker? Please do a little homework and study before coming back to this article. No hard feel
(DailyFX) S&P 500 and Dollar May Sustain Volatility Without Trend Release Amid Election Anticipation - Dec 5, 2020 #S&P500##USElection2020#[[1,#stockmarketrally#,30004288...
7月 Profit +38.71% 8月 Profit +44.96% 9月 Profit +35.68% 10月 Profit +26.80% 2/11 Profit +0.83% 3/11 Profit +2.96% 4/11 Profit +3.99% 5/11 Profit +4.00% 6/11 Profit +2.17% 9/11 Profit +1.20% 10/11 Pro...

Lebih Dari 40% Obligasi Kelas Investasi Euro Akan Memulai 2021 Dengan Yield Negatif – Bank of America

Penyimpanan aset bernilai yield nol seperti emas dapat terus menarik pembeli dalam waktu dekat, karena sejumlah besar obligasi kelas investasi euro berada di jalur yang tepat untuk memulai tahun baru dengan yield negatif. Bank of America melihat di 42%, seperti dicatat oleh Jeroen Blokland, Manajer

Dollar weakness to last a least until mid-2021 – Reuters poll

The U.S. dollar is likely to remain on the offer at least for six months, having declined by 12% against majors this year, a Reuters poll of currency strategists found. While 51 or 72 analysts called for a continued downtrend until mid-2021 on expectations for coronavirus-vaccine led economic recove

How to Use "Quotes" Feature?

"Quotes" is the online trading features that FOLLOWME provides on App version, while WEBTRADE is available for web trader. Here is the introduction to "Quotes".   Surface 1. Latest: stands for latest "Bid Price". If you are not logged in, the demo will be displayed, and the Broker's quotation will b

(FOLLOWVOICE) BLACK SWAN EVENT: Understand the Recent Gold Price' Plunge From the Data of 60,000 Trading Orders

Black Swan Event A Black Swan is an unpredictable event and mostly out of the norm. It usually causes a domino effect (negative) in the market, sometimes even a catastrophe. In general, a Black Swan event has to fulfil these three conditions: it happens unintentionally; it creates a significant impa

Like It? Reward It!--FCOIN Reward The Post You Like

Hey users, if you have noticed, we have made a few changes in the latest update. First, our news feed layout has been reduced to three channels from the previous four channels into Following, Recommended and Notes. We intend to present you with the most relevant trading content based on your activit
EUR/JPY: Slips below 100-HMA amid bearish MACD EUR/JPY stays depressed as sellers extend pullback from 124.56. Sustained break of the key HMA, bearish MACD favor bears. 200-HMA in the spotlight during...

Pembicaraan Brexit: Para Pemimpin UE Mengurangi Permintaan “Level Playing Field” – The Times

Para pemimpin Perancis dan Jerman telah sepakat untuk melemahkan permintaan Uni Eropa yang disebut "level playing field" dalam tawaran pembicaraan perdagangan Brexit terakhir kepada Perdana Menteri Inggris Boris Johnson, menurut The Times. Sikap lunak Perancis tentang masalah ini muncul dengan

NOTICE - MT4 Accounts Connection RESUMES

Dear FOLLOWME users, Regarding the issue of certain users' disconnected MT4 accounts to FOLLOWME since last Tuesday (Dec 1, 2020), we would like to inform you that this has been resolved and our COPYTRADE feature is now operating as usual. We apologise for any inconvenience caused and thank you for

EUR/USD Incar Penutupan Mingguan Bullish, Kenaikan Yield AS Mungkin Hentikan Rally

EUR/USD tampaknya akan mengakhiri minggu di atas tertinggi September 1,2011.Kenaikan yield AS dapat membebani bursa saham, meningkatkan permintaan dolar AS.Data Nonfarm Payrolls AS dapat menunjukkan ekonomi menambahkan 469 ribu pekerjaan pada bulan November. EUR/USD tampaknya akan mengakhiri pekan d
(FX Empire) Bitcoin Ended the Week Up By 6.67% to $19,410.0. - Dec 7, 2020 #bitcoinsurge##BTC/USD##cryptocurrency##technicalanalysis#...

NOTICE (UPDATES) - MT4 Accounts Connection Disruption

Dear FOLLOWME users, In regards to the technical issue over certain users' disconnected MT4 accounts to FOLLOWME, our technical department has restored parts of the connection and trading orders database as of Dec 1, at about 7:00 p.m. (GMT+8). However, our feature, COPYTRADE is still unavailable at

Laporan Perdagangan Teratas FOLLOWME Community - Minggu Keempat November 2020

2020/11/23 - 2020/11/27 Total Pesanan Perdagangan 377,701 Dibandingkan dengan 336.826 minggu sebelumnya, total order perdagangan telah menyusut sebesar 12% atau 40.875 untuk minggu terakhir. Untuk minggu terakhir, 10 Trader Teratas telah memberikan kinerja yang luar biasa dengan total keuntungan $31
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