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Following the launch of FOLLOWSTAR and it’s 90USD bonus campaign, we now have a new message feature that will be grouped by regions. You may connect and interact with FOLLOWME and other users within the same region, specifically: Vietnamese TradersIndonesian Traders Malaysian TradersThai TradersOnce
We are sorry that your application of trading account opening with fairuzazizfx@gmail.com is failed.Reason: Please provide FULL NAME that same as the name (MOHD FAIRUZ BIN AZIZ) on the Driving License...

strategi Tester

Strategy Tester ReportPSar SuperTrend EA v202Tadawulfx-Demo (Build 402SymbolXAGUSD (US Dollar)Period1 Hour (H1) 2011.01.28 00:00 - 2011.02.21 22:00 (2011.01.28 - 2011.02.22)ModelEvery tick (the most precise method based on all available least timeframes)ParametersS1="---------------- Entry Settings"

See How Many FCOIN You Get--#TradeNotes#-Result Announcement

Half of the year 2020 has passed, how’s your trading performance? Hope you all have good trading performance. The fourth round #TradeNotes# Challenge has come to an end. Thank you all for joining and sharing. To date, there are 497 View and 710 discuss for this challenge. Now it’s tim
#Newtrader#Hello everyone, nice to meet you. Please follow my new trader account#2. Come with me to have wonderful trading!

GBP JPY Signal

#trading# #FX# Try your bestGoodluck

GBPJPY | Technical | Price prediction | fxCROWN

#GBP/JPY# Buy zone and sell zone. Now the trend is in the buy zone but the market is still bearish so the good thing is if you will wait when the sell zone starts. Also, this is a nice point buyers if price go up to the green marked level.