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BREAKING - Oil Pushes Up on U.S. Inventory Drop, Supply Restrictions

(Investing.com) - Oil was up on Wednesday morning in Asia, with Brent crude moving back above the $40 mark. Large falls in U.S. inventories, combined with likely supply cuts boosted prices.Brent oil futures surged 2.27% to $40.76 by 11:52 p.m. (ET), above the $40 mark, and WTI futures 

BREAKING - S&P 500 Futures Buoyed By Trump's Florida Victory

(Reuters) - U.S. stock futures jumped early on Wednesday as President Donald Trump led Democratic rival Joe Biden in Florida and other competitive swing states that will help decide the election.S&P emini futures EScv1 were last up 0.9%, extending a rally in Tuesday's trading session,
BREAKING - President Trump won Florida, one of the biggest battleground states on the map, as of 1:54 p.m. Nov 4, 2020. #USElection2020# #FlashNews# ...

BREAKING - Brexit talks go into Another Week as EU, UK Push to Salvage Trade Deal

BRUSSELS (Reuters) - EU and British Brexit negotiators will continue talks in Brussels on Monday and until around mid-week, sources on both sides said on Sunday, in a sign both sides are still pushing to avoid a damaging breakdown in trade in less than nine weeks.Intensive and secretive, the talks a

DAILY NOTION - FXEXMPIRE - EUR/USD Forecast - Nov 1, 2020

In a recent analysis, a forex trading analyst, Aayush Jindal said that by looking at the 4-hour chart, the pair followed a bearish pattern from well above 1.1850. It broke a crucial contracting triangle with support near 1.1785 to start the current decline.The pair settled well below the 1.1750

Chỉ báo Renko Chart - Biến chart thường thành dạng Renko để lọc nhiễu tốt hơn

Renko Chart là gì? Tại sao nên dùng nến Renko thay vì nến Nhật thông thường? Chỉ báo Renko Chart là gì? Chỉ báo kỹ thuật Renko Chart cho phép anh em hiển thị biểu đồ dưới dạng Renko Chart trong cửa sổ của indicator. Renko Chart chỉ hiển t

DAILY NOTION - FXEXMPIRE - USD/JPY Forecast - Nov 1, 2020

The USD/JPY pair finished nearly flat last week as investors battled over which currency would be the preferred safe-haven asset ahead of Tuesday’s U.S. presidential election and amid a steep sell-off in U.S. equity markets. Traders showed little reaction to announcements from the Bank of Japan and

Những kinh nghiệm xương máu từ Charlie Burton sau hơn 20 năm giao dịch!

8 bài học Mike Bellafiorce chắt lọc được từ các đồng nghiệp trader tại SMB CAPITAL Là người trong ngành, phương châm sống của anh em trader là gì? Xin chào cả nhà! Charlie Burton đã giao dịch theo phong cách day trading và swing trading trong hơn 20 năm, nhưng bất chấp thành công của mình, anh
Magnitude-7.0 earthquake jolts Turkey https://edition.cnn.com/2020/1...#FlashNews#

[BREAKING] Dollar Holds Small Gains as Markets Buffeted by COVID-19 Woes & Election Uncertainty

Illustration photo of U.S. dollar in Trump's version from Forexlive SINGAPORE (Reuters) - The dollar clung to small gains on Tuesday as the greenback’s safe-haven appeal was burnished by worries about a second wave of COVID-19, which drove the steepest stock market selloff in a month and underpinned

百汇BCR将提高保证金要求;Doo Prime调整部分产品交易时间

FOLLOWME 交易商周报(10月30日) 01 交易商要闻    本周,澳洲交易商Vantage FX官网上发布了一则关于暂停在中国大陆地区新开户的通告,通告称此举是因为监管部门对部分地区监管政策的变化。不过,目前并不会影响到Vantage FX老用户的出金和交易。   具体情况请阅读文章: 撤离中国?VantageFX要暂停中国大陆地区新开户!这 一类用户不受影响      图片来源:Vantage FX 官网   百汇宣布在美国总统选举期间,百汇BCR将于2020年10月30日(周五)平台时间21:00后调整保证金,具体调整幅度见下图:   图片来源:百汇BCR官网    近日,Do
交易商 评分 出金 百汇 用户 点评

CALENDAR ALERT - Don't Miss These Important Announcements!

The weekend is finally here, but don't forget about these important events scheduled next week you should look out for:Monday (Nov. 2, 2020)United States' Manufacturing Purchasing Managers' Index (PMI) released by Institute for Supply Management (ISM)Tuesday (Nov. 3, 2020)RBA Interest Rate Decision


#创作者#10.30晚盘外汇、黄金、原油分析策略: 【美指】 美指日内虽承压94一线震荡回修,但幅度不是很大,下方在93.8附近即有止步,整体还是保持着偏强的预期,不过94一线压力的存在,也给短线行情走势带来变数风险的。晚间美指技术上还是需要一定的回修调整的,下方关注93.8先争夺,如能回撤93.6附近也是允许的,上方则继续重点关注94压力压力测试。美指的居高窄幅震荡,给非美货币走势也带来不确定性,但是美指整体保持居高的状态,也未必会给非美货币带来回弹动能,所以对于非美货币的操作上,也不要盲目的去看回弹。 【黄金】 黄金早盘时段出现一波回弹,测压1878一线后又回修震荡,基本围绕在1870上下
Low doji pattern introduction: rising pattern. Generally, in a downtrend, a K line with longer upper and lower shadows appears, shaped like a doji, called a low doji. Buying reference level: the day a...

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