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Trader | Investor | Assistant Manager at Monest Sdn. Bhd. Trader at KVB PRIME
I have made 0.34% of profit in 2 weeks. Not much but I'm proud of myself. Hoping for more consistent trading in future.
#GBP/USD# Setup for today. Got something on your mind to spill? #trading# #letstrade
U.S. election, coronavirus and the US 3rd quarter GDP release will be the main movers for this week, at least. Any thoughts to share on USD, trader?#USElection2020# ...
I'm a trader and I can confirm 😂
Which one are you? 🤣 #keepitsecret#trading#
Which one are you? 🤣 #keepitsecret#trading#
What's up guys? How are your trades going? For me, I'm staying out of the market as I have achieved 30% return for this month. Will continue trade in November 2020 :D
It's the little things in life😂
Let's profit together. Follow me copytrade. Goodluck
Never forget it!
For today, I am looking for a buy opportunity. The RSI in H1 and H4 indicates that the pair has already been oversold. The base supports are best buying opportunities. Trade at your own risk! All the...
Like I said yesterday, it was a buy opportunity. However, it almost touch my price action but it didn't. Therefore, i did not execute the order. It did go bullish up to 500 points. 😓. Hoping for an...
Grateful for my first trading results on FOLLOWME. Now i can see that USDJPY will definitely bounce back to the upside. Must monitor the market to seek for buying potential. The oversold already happe...

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