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RBA Financial Stability Review: Business failures will rise substantially

The Reserve Bank of Australia, in its Financial Stability Review, has warned that business failures will rise "substantially". The RBA states that households and commercial property are key areas of stress. Business failures are expected to rise as loan repayment deferrals and income support come to
So guys, what do you think about tomorrow's market? Any interesting pair to look on? 😊
AUD/USD Price Analysis: Price being monitored for a break of support structure Monthly/Weekly/Daily
GBP/CAD Price Analysis: Bears waiting for break of key support M1/W1/D1/H4

EW- Wave 5 Short

#AUD/JPY# Wave 4 finishing up. Wave 5 short upcoming. Target 1: 73.95 Target 2: 72.52
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Three warning signs Trump may be sicker than we are being led to believe

Disentangling information and misinformation on Trump's condition is complex, there is so much political spin involved.   STAT is a site with journalism-related to "health, medicine, life sciences". I've turned to this piece for what I hope is objective information with a minimum of political interf
AUD/CHF Price Analysis: Bears waiting for bearish confirmaitons for 1:3 R/R setup M1/D1

Coming up on Tuesday - Fed Chair Powell speaking

Federal Reserve System Chair Powell speaks to the National Association for Business  Economics. At 1440 GMT on Tuesday 6 October 2020  To speak from a prepared text, I haven't sighted the topic but given the venue it should be pertinent. There will be a Q&A to follow

Expand Your Trading Network with FOLLOWME

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UK, UK...Work from Home, Pubs to close at 10pm, Brexit concerns...Dear GBP, how will you fare under all these?

The GBP/USD was seen to hit the lowest level since July which is 1.2709.UK PM Boris Johnson has outlined new restrictions in the UK in view that cases are doubling every 7 -20 days. All pubs are to be closed by 10pm and office works are urged to work from home if possible. The Governor of Bank of En

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