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EUR/JPY Daily Outlook

Daily Pivots: (S1) 122.96; (P) 123.49; (R1) 123.95; Intraday bias in EUR/JPY remains neutral for the moment. Further fall is in favor with 124.31 minor resistance intact. On the downside, sustained break of 38.2% retracement of 114.42 to 127.07 at 122.23 will extend the fall from 127.07. Next target
AUD/CHF Price Analysis: Bears waiting for bearish confirmaitons for 1:3 R/R setup M1#AUD/CHF#

New Zealand - ANZ Commodity Price index for September -0.2% m/m (prior -1.0%)

ANZ's indicator of price trends for New Zealand's 17 main commodity exports -0.2% m/m and -3.0% y/y In local currency terms the index fell 1.3% m/m and -6.4% y/y
EUR/USD Intraday: intraday support around 1.1765. Pivot: 1.1765 Our preference: long positions above 1.1765 with targets at 1.1800 & 1.1820 in extension. Alternative scenario: below 1.1765 look ...

September Selloffs Pushed Down Crypto Prices, Trading Activity: eToro

Photo: FM It’s been a big year for crypto. Even though price drops and declines in trading volume may have characterized the past few weeks, Simon Peters, a market analyst for social trading firm eToro, would like to remind traders to take the long view. Despite the fact that “September was subdue
GBP/CAD Price Analysis: Bears waiting for break of key support M1/W1/D1/H4

GBP/JPY Mid-Day Outlook

Daily Pivots: (S1) 135.43; (P) 135.91; (R1) 136.76; GBP/JPY’s rebound from 133.03 resumes by taking out 137.00 temporary top. Intraday bias is back on the upside for retesting 142.71 high. On the downside, though, break of 135.05 will likely resume the fall from 142.71 through 133.03 to 61.8% retrac

The UK – Lithuanian Puzzle: A New Regulatory Hurdle for EMIs?

Photo: (Photo: Bloomberg) Electronic Money Institutions (hereinafter- EMIs) which are licensed and regulated under the Central Bank of Lithuania and the Financial Conduct Authority (hereinafter- FCA) will be facing a unique regulatory uncertainty, not just post-Brexit, but also due to the Sixth An

New Zealand to ease COVID-19 restrictions in Auckland

The coronavirus alert level in Auckland will be brought down to Level 1, in line with the rest of the country. NZD and AUD are both gaining a little ground as Asai gets more active, sentiment has been getting a boost from a few directions on the session - Trump news is positive.


#EUR/USD# Head and Shoulders or Double Top Potential of these two Bearish patterns coming up. Confirmation on the Fibonacci will be supported by price breaking through 1.17000/1.16900 Selling only if price breaks solid below 1.16900, exit at 1.16449 Bearish Bias is wrong if price b

Pull-up Update