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EUR/USD, USD/JPY -- follow me to earn profit
USD/JPY TODAY - dips notably today but stays above 106.57 temporary low. Intraday bias remains neutral first. Further decline is expected as long as 107.64 resistance holds. Break of 106.57 will targe...
USD/JPY still in lockdown as Japan trade numbers hit record lows The USD/JPY was unchanged after disappointing export and import data from Japan. The data showed that exports and imports declined by ...
EUR/USD Forecast - Uncertainty Remains US Retail Sales soared in May, while Fed's chief Powell cooled down corporate bond-buying expectations. EUR/USD retreated from highs, with increased bearish pot...
The high volatility of the recent market leads us losing a lot, but believe me, we will win!

06/12 USD/JPY

2020/06/12 USD/JPY holding4h47min 25.3pips

06/12 EUR/USD

2020/06/12 EUR/USD holding27min 30.8pips
USD/JPY has been quite a mover since the start of the week, with the dollar broadly weakening amid the risk rally and also the yen benefiting from the renewed track lower in Treasury yields after an a...
Equity markets fell under pressure in early trading on Tuesday, leading to a bounce in the dollar and a further decline in EUR/USD which peaked ahead of the 1.1400 price point on Friday. Support for ...

Euro Showing Signs of Exhaustion

The Euro has gone back and forth during the trading session on Monday, showing signs of gravity for the first time in several weeks. Looking at the recent rally, it does not take much to identify that we are overbought, so a pullback makes quite a bit of sense. In fact, I believe it is only a matter
ECB announced €600 billion worth of bond buybacks, and the Euro tried to break out during the trading session on Thursday. While normally bad for a currency, the initial reaction was very bullish. Si...

Is the Euro Ready to Rollover Finally?

This is a market that has been extraordinarily noisy, and I think it is only a matter of time before we have to pick a direction. There are a multitude of reasons why this market could move in either direction, not the least of which is simple fear. The US dollar of course is a safety currency, but
#GuessNFP# high or low - Nobody has a clue
The USD/JPY stumbled on Monday as the greenback continued to lose its appeal as a safe-haven currency. The US Dollar was pressured after investors were relieved that US President Trump made no move to...
Keep in mind that the Euro has a lot to deal with, not the least of which will be the Brexit but there has been a lot of positive build the due to idea of Germany backing all of the bonds in the EU. I...
EUR/USD Price Forecast – Euro Continues to Grind

Pull-up Update