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90 USD Cash Reward is in Your Pocket just by Referral?

There’s always a quote saying cash is king. Every single one of you out there has the equal potential of getting a 90 USD cash reward, regardless of your financial condition. By possessing a smartphone or a laptop would be the first step towards the 90 USD cash reward. Isn’t this easy? What is 90 US
20 May
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Eurozone Inflation Preview: The euro enjoys tailwind and a sub-zero inflation rate may be insufficient to down the common currency

Preliminary eurozone CPI data for May will likely show depressed inflation. Without shocking figures, the EUR/USD pair has room to rise, in the opinion of FXStreet’s analyst Yohay Elam. Key quotes “Petrol will likely put pressure on CPI, with expectations standing at 0.2%. A drop to 0% – stagnatio
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GBP/USD analysis: Pressured by moving averages

GBP/USD Yesterday, the GBP/USD exchange rate tested the resistance formed by the 55– and 200-hour SMAs near 1.2240. During Friday morning, the rate declined to the 1.2180. Note that the currency pair is pressured by the 100-hour SMA near 1.2230 as well. Thus, some downside potential could prevail

Yuan you bao incident exposes risks in China's big banks

The Covid-19 pandemic outbreak has triggered the volatility in crude oil prices, leading to the blow-up of the Yuan You Bao, or literally "crude oil treasure" futures product of the Bank of China (BOC). There has been a lot of discussion and analysis on the cause and effect of this "Yuan You Bao inc

USD/CAD analysis: Bullish run likely to continue

USD/CAD The US Dollar has surged by 135 basis points or 0.97% against the Canadian Dollar since yesterday's trading session. The currency pair tested the upper boundary of a descending channel pattern at 1.4020 on Friday morning. As for today's session, the USD/CAD exchange rate could continue to
24 May
22 May

Markets wary as US-China tensions escalate

China make a power grab for HK UK data all worse Nikkei -0.80% Dax -0.69% UST 10Y 0.65 Oil $32/bbl Gold $1733/oz BTCUSD $9089 Asia and the EU GBP UK Retail Sales -18% vs. -15% eyed North America CAD Retail Sales 8:30 It's been a wary night of trade with risk-off flow dominating Asian
22 May

EUR/USD analysis: Declined below 1.0920

EUR/USD On Thursday, the EUR/USD currency pair failed to exceed the resistance level—the weekly R3 at 1.1008. During today's morning, the pair declined below 1.0920. Theoretically, it is likely that the exchange rate could gain support from the 200-hour SMA, the weekly R1 and the Fibo 23.60% in th
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AUD/USD analysis: Breakout occurs

AUD/USD The Australian Dollar has declined by 80 basis points or 1.22% against the US Dollar since Thursday's trading session. A breakout occurred through the lower boundary of an ascending channel pattern on Thursday. Given that a breakout had occurred, the AUD/USD currency pair would continue to
22 May

Rates Spark: I’ll have what you’re having

It's been risk-on for some, but the rates market must be wondering what the equity markets are on exactly. The divergence between the two has been stark. Talk of negative rates at one extreme versus virus redemption at the other. One thing is for sure; systemic risks have fallen. Even in the eurozon
22 May

USD/JPY Forecast: Ranging on risk-aversion, 107.30 critical support

USD/JPY Current price: 107.46 The BOJ announced a further 30 trillion yen program to broaden coronavirus support. Japan’s National inflation ex-fresh food, fell to -0.2% YoY in April. USD/JPY holds within familiar levels, increasing bearish potential. The USD/JPY pair is trading mar

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