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have a good weekend my friend enjoy 鬼脸鬼脸
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People say, 'Dream big!' - but you have to think about the logistics. It's not just coming up with a great idea, it's how you can sell or market or promote that great idea.
Dear Followme Followers,Do you need me to Open trade Account??If I got More than 30% Like from my Followers I will Do..But for My Company Privacy Law I will open Demo Account that I will links here to...
does anyone here do account management ??
好吃 财神 美金 抓好 原油 跟着
EURUSD pulling back to H&S neckline and fibo level 50.0% at 1.1055 #trading# #EUR/USD#
US DOLLAR, USD/SGD, USD/MYR, USD/PHP – ASEAN TECHNICAL ANALYSISUS Dollar may be on the verge of broader gains against ASEAN FXUSD/SGD and USD/MYR are looking at upside technical breakoutsUSD/PHP cons...
any investor contact me
close gold position 🤗 i think someone asked if I trade gold or not before #Profitshow# #gold# #Todayanalysis#
do not question your boss just follow his principles of success and succeed

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There have been major changes in my life. I sold a luxury house in Queensland, Australia, and rented a house with my family. Our plan is to settle all assets and debts and then live the life we really like. My wife and I are both young, and, as a professional trader and tutor, I am fully capable of

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