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BOE Preview – Maintaining Dovish Stance although No-Deal Brexit Less Likely

The chance of no-deal Brexit appears to have diminished after Article 50 is further extended to January 2020 and the parliament will hold snap elections in December. However, domestic growth has shown signs of moderating and unemployment rate is bottoming. We expect BOE to maintain the slightly dovi

Gold prediction

Last Friday, gold price rose to $1517 per ounce and then fell sharply,forming an annoying bearish signal of shooting star at the end of the day. Many investors who are bullish on gold, at this moment, may become less firm, while those who are bearish will be thrilled. Of course,
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Trading result for today! #99TradingFestival#
Trading forex has never been easier. ‼️ #Brexit# #FCchallenge# #FX#


对于本周有关英国可能达成退欧协议以及英镑是否将迎来转折点,基金经理和策略师存在着分歧。据媒体报道称,英国和欧盟即将达成交易,英镑在过去五天里上涨了4.6%,但距离最终协议仍然是障碍重重。 分析师称,如果达成协议,英镑兑美元可能会升至1.30美元,而议会的批准可能会进一步推动其升至1.40美元。相反,他们表示,如果不能达成协议,英镑可能会跌回1.11美元的水平。周三欧盘时段,英镑兑美元报1.2738,日内跌幅达0.39%。 以下是一些基金经理和策略师对英镑的评论: AMP Capital Investors驻悉尼基金经理Nader Naeimi: “英镑在长时间内被英国退欧所拖累,导致非常便
达成协议 策略师 英国 经理 新加坡 可能

Chinese Non-Manufacturing and NBS Manufacturing miss the mark (AUD negative)

China’s official October manufacturing and services PMIs have been released, that was seen at 49.8 and 53.6 respectively.  Data arrived as follows: Non-Manufacturing PMI (Oct): 52.8 actual  and below the 53.9 expected  and 53.7 prior NBS Manufacturing PMI (Oct): 49.3 actual below the 49.8  expected

Pull-up Update