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平衡收益与利润,稳定会使外汇交易不同于赌博 . balanced it with profit, stability are make forex different than gamble.
Hope this helps for traders who want to calculate their margin. Remember, risk management is important.

FOLLOWME Community Top Trading Report - First Week of October

2020/10/05-2020/10/09 Total Trading Orders 268,314 Compared with the previous week’s 309,362, the amount has decreased by 13.3% or 49,429 orders for the latest week. For this week, the total profit of the Top 10 Traders was $259,000. Among these traders, one of our community traders @狂野的猪 achieved t
投启 狂野 黑马

GBP/JPY Watching this Pair Reach 139.00 Level

#GBP/JPY# GBP/JPY has no reason not to reach the 139.00 marks, you can even think about going long targeting this level. We're watching the channel for shorts, if broken we'll try to get short. Like and comment if you find value in our analysis. Feel free to post your ideas and quest
Gold dropping like there's no tomorrow. I shared this on 9th October 2020 and now is the time to shine ! congrats to those who catches the trade
#Askquestion Guys, kalo kalian trading, biasanya mikirin rebate nggak? sebagai salah satu faktor penentu memilih teknik trading? - When you trade, are rebate are one of consideration how you pick y...
Every pip are matter, loss or win.
If we always in doubt, we will never advance - 如果总是有疑问,就不会有进展
A Look-back on @syambala 's sharing on Monday's webinar! Flashy video replay! My Methods to Win with the Smallest Risk. #FolloWebinar#

PBOC sets Yuan reference rate at 7.0608

The People's Bank of China (PBOC) has set the yuan reference rate at 7.0608 versus Wednesday's fix at 7.0703.
Invest in yourself believe me you can afford it ☺️🤔☝🏻😢

A burst of market volatility is just starting, National Securities’ Art Hogan warns

Investors may want to hold on tight.National Securities’ Art Hogan warns the volatility burst will affect the market for weeks.He cites a laundry list of risks including the uptick of coronavirus cases paired with overbought conditions.“The fear of the unknown catches more volatility than anything,”


#EUR/JPY# EURJPY ENTRY: 123.12 SL: 123.5 TP: 118.138

EUR/USD Correcting Gains: Here Are Key Supports To Watch

Key Highlights EUR/USD traded to a new 2-month high at 1.1422 before correcting lower. There was a break below a major bullish trend line at 1.1320 on the 4-hours chart. EUR/USD Technical Analysis Looking at the 4-hours chart, the pair started a sharp downside correction from the 1.1422 high. It b

USD/CAD Outlook (16 June 2020)

#USD/CAD# Overall, USD/CAD is trending downwards. Recently, USD/CAD rejected the resistance zone of 1.364. USD/CAD’s next support zone is at 1.34400 and the next resistance zone is at 1.36400. Look for short-term selling opportunities of USD/CAD up until the release of the U.S. re

Pull-up Update