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频道为美股实盘交易,分享自己交易日志和策略。后续看情况开启 A 股和比特币仓位实盘交易。未来会开一些股票技术分析入门内容,欢迎大家关注。你不关注我就坚持不下来,一定要关注鸭!视频内容为作者所有,如有侵权,请联系本人删除https://space.bilibili.com/4311831/
市场枯燥,都在碎步整理,股市 20% 回撤的小技巧分享#疫情下的A股# #美股#
市场枯燥,都在碎步整理,股市 20% 回撤的小技巧分享#美股# #疫情下的A股#
一切按剧本运行,BTC 大涨,盈利丰厚;美股入场 55 万美金,浮盈 5 万人民币; A 股风险回报比划算,今日计划入场。
美股出现疲态;BTC 有望突破;A 股情绪放大,等待洗盘
科技股巨头麻烦不断,QQQ 即将到位,平衡风险与收益,持续观望和等待
美股市场布朗运动,等待三件事; A 股进入横盘整理阶段;最近持续小仓位耐心等待新的信息输入
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USD slips amid a risk on rally

Euro Attempts To Breakout Higher, Capped By 1.1347 The euro currency made some gains on Monday as price action tried to break out from the triangle pattern. Prices briefly tested highs near 1.1347 before pulling back toward the close of the European session. The overall trend in EURUSD remains flat

USDCAD - Is Short Term Uptrend Came to End

#USD/CAD# Trading Confluences, Price reject 4-Hour Resistance Level Price Starts to Creat Lower Highs Price Broke Minor Trend Line RSI Divergence Trade IdeaTrade Revenue Pro


#EUR/NZD# IT POSSSIBLE BUY but be careful wait for any continuation pattern

NZD/USD Price Analysis: Breaks weekly support line to refresh intraday low under 0.6450

NZD/USD stretches pullback moves from 0.6481 to revisit Tuesday’s lows. Downbeat New Zealand GDP joins weaker than expected Aussie employment data and PBOC rate cut to weigh on the quote. A falling trend line from June 11 guards immediate upside. NZD/USD drops to 0.6430, following the slump to the

GBPAUD: Saw sellers at the elliott wave blue box area

In this technical blog, we are going to take a look at the past performance of GBPAUD, 1-Hour Elliot wave Charts that we presented to our members. But before looking into the Charts, we need to understand the market nature first. The market always fights between the two sides i.e Buying or Selling.

Winning Streak Likely To End For Indonesia Stock Market

The Indonesia stock market has climbed higher in five straight sessions, advancing more than 200 points or 4.3 percent along the way. The Jakarta Composite Index now sits just above the 4,715-point plateau although investors may cash in on Friday. The global forecast for the Asian markets is soft on

Pull-up Update