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#USD/JPY# USDJPY Long Setup Price made a strong bullish candle on the 9th of Nov, recently has tested its 0.786 fibonacci retracement . With this making a wave 2, a bullish impulse wave is expected. The setup will be invalidated if price were to break the November lows.

Bearish XAAUSD

#XAU/USD# Like my idea if you agree with me or other reasons.

EURJPY - Short

#EUR/JPY# Price possibly can sell off. Price has reached a weekly resistance, price ended up forming a Head & Shoulders at that resistance (126.750). Currently price is in an descending channel , price sold off from trend line resistance. Its possible price could be forming an bear


#GBP/NZD# GBPNZD BUY Higher Low and Lower High on 4H graph. STOPLOSS is a little far.. so trade base on your risk Current price: 1.91544 STOPLOSS: 1.189872 Targets (1.93990, 1.96260, 1.97920)

AUD/USD Analysis And Signals, Check The Next Target

#AUD/USD# AUD/USD Sell Limit From 0.7330 TO 0.7360 Price Zone. Stop Loss Above 0.7430 Price Zone. Breaking Below 0.7220 May The Reason For Another Kneejerk Downside Pressure. Target 1: 0.7230 Target 2: 0.7030 Target 3: 0.6830

EURUSD Watch top for sell

#EUR/USD# Hi there, EURUSD has not changed the pattern. Stay bearish and watch for sharp sell from top and add on corrections. Good Luck

Expecting serious downside momentum

#NZD/CHF# Looking for a trading coach? Message me only if your serious about taking your trading to the next level. Looking at the way we have broken the previous top is very interesting, created a smaller double top above the previous double top . ascending nature to create the double

My analysis on GOLD for the coming week

#XAU/USD# waiting for Gold to break some levels and expecting it to continue on a down trend.

BREAKING - Oil edges higher on stimulus hopes

Oil finished the day slightly higher, supported by renewed U.S. fiscal talks. The gains were modest though, with Brent crude 0.10% higher at $44.20 a barrel, and WTI 0.30% higher at $41.70 a barrel. Gains were tempered by news that Libyan oil production has recovered to 1.25 million barrels per day.

BREAKING: Treasury Announces Details Of 2-Year, 5-Year And 7-Year Note Auctions

The Treasury Department on Thursday announced the details of this month's auctions of two-year, five-year and seven-year notes. The Treasury revealed it plans to sell $56 billion worth of two-year notes, $57 billion worth of five-year notes and $56 billion worth of seven-year notes. The results of t

EUR/USD Price Analysis: Break of Monthly Support Line, Risk-Off Direct Bears Toward 1.1800

EUR/USD wavers around intraday low after recently failing to bounce off 1.1832. US dollar bounces off lowest in one week as challenges to risk increase. Bulls need to overcome September 10 top to regain the controls. EUR/USD consolidates near the day’s low, currently down 0.13% on a day around 1.18
(BLOOMBERG) Saudi Aramco Sells $8 Billion in Bonds - Nov 18, 2020.#SaudiAramco# #bonds# #FlashNews#

BREAKING - Emas Memberi Sedikit di Putaran 2 Permainan Vaksin

Beruang yang berpikir untuk melakukan "Pfizer lain" dengan emas telah terkejut.Penjual pendek yang merusak logam kuning minggu lalu pada hasil blockbuster dari uji coba vaksin Covid-19 Pfizer mencoba mengulangi aksi tersebut pada hari Senin ketika Moderna Inc (NASDAQ: MRNA) mengumumkan kemanjuran ya

Pull-up Update