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RGcoins Founder Rosen Iossifov Convicted for Crypto Money Laundering

Photo: Finance Magnates Rosen Iossifov, owner of cryptocurrency exchange RGcoins, was convicted by a federal jury in Kentucky of two counts of conspiracy to commit racketeering and money laundering. The conviction came after a two-week trial where Iossifov was accused of orchestrating a sophistica

CFTC Provides Relief to Swap Dealer Transitioning from Soon-Defunct Libor

Photo: Bloomberg, LIBOR, FX and now ISDAfix manipulation cases continue damaging big banks' balance sheets The Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) has provided relief to market participants relating to the transition from swaps referencing LIBOR and other interbank offered rates. The CFTC

Chinese Yuan Appreciates To More Than 1-year High Against U.S. Dollar

The Chinese yuan firmed against the U.S. dollar in the Asian session on Tuesday, after a private survey showed that China's manufacturing activity expanded in August at the fastest pace since January 2011. Survey from Caixin showed that manufacturing Purchasing Managers' Index rose to 53.1 from 52.8

XAU/USD outlook: Gold returns above $2000

GOLD Spot gold surged above $2000level in early Tuesday's trading, extending strong recovery from $1862 (12 Aug spike low). The yellow metal was boosted by fresh weakness of the US dollar and Monday's news that Warren Buffet's Berkshire Hathaway buying a stake in major gold miner Barrick Gold Corp.

ForexLive Asia FX news wrap: Subdued FX ranges to start the week here

Forex news for Asia trading Monday 17 August 2020  China's state planner says power consumption up 2.3% y/y, & approves more than 10 investment projects

GDP and jobless figures suggestive of a stalling economy, but tech stocks say otherwise [Video]

Alistair looks at the GDP figures and Jobless claims for the US from overnight and outlines the negative data from the week and the FEDs dovish tone. Plus, he takes a look at some of the FAANGs earnings one day after the congress interrogations.

2020 US Elections: Weaker USD against the euro and a stronger pound in the months ahead – UBS

The impact of the elections on US economic growth, taxation, the trade conflict and the US dollar would impact corporate earnings and the equity market. Meanwhile, the threat of the US imposing tariffs on EU exports, particularly in the automotive sector, continues to linger. On the currency market,

AUD/USD Price Analysis: Attempts another run towards 0.72 amid falling channel breakout

The aussie’s path of least resistance appears to the upside. The spot charts falling channel breakout on hourly sticks. Extension of the USD sell-off could risk a test of 0.72 in AUD/USD. AUD/USD has receded from daily highs of 0.7146 but still trades with sizeable gains above 0.7100 amid broad US

Unstoppable Domains Taps Gemini Custody for .crypto Websites

Photo: FM Unstoppable Domains, a company building blockchain domain names, has entered a partnership with Gemini Trust Company, the cryptocurrency exchange and custodian founded by the Winklevoss twins. This collaboration will grant Unstoppable Domains’ users and registrars access to Gemini’s cust

LONG NZDUSD on a rising trend !| 20 July

#NZD/USD# NZDUSD is on a rising trend and we are waiting for a pullback to enter! Thanks everyone for tuning in to today's analysis . If any part of this video is unclear, please ask me for in the comment section below. If you found today's video useful in any way, please "like" thi

GBP/JPY Price Analysis: Better bid, but falling channel breakout elusive

GBP/JPY remains trapped in a falling channel on the 4-hour chart.  A breakout would mark a resumption of the uptrend from 132.00. GBP/JPY is trading near 134.72 at press time, representing a 0.12% gain on the day.  The pair is still trapped in a falling channel represented by trend lines connecting

Macro dynamic remains the same but the calendar gets busy

The economic calendar and central bank meeting diaries are busier in the week ahead.  The highlights include three G7 central bank meetings (the Bank of Japan, the Bank Canada, and the European Central Bank), Chinese Q2 GDP, and the first look at US July survey data (Empire and Philadelphia Fed).  T

Economic data coming up in the European session

Little on the data docket in the session ahead     US stocks snapped a run of gains in trading yesterday as risk sentiment stays more choppy in the first two days of the week. That is leaving little to be desired, with major currencies seeing little change today with US futures also looking more tep


由中央银行生产的第一枚数字硬币将很快在欧元区发行,立陶宛将推出自己的数字令牌LBCOIN。路透社周四的一份报告称,下周波罗的海国家对加密货币总体友好,将发行数字硬币,作为尝试在日常使用中使用央行数字货币和区块链技术的项目的一部分。尤其是,基于区块链技术的下周将发售2万4千个称为LBCOIN的数字代币。 Facebook的发布是在发布其天秤座稳定币白皮书之后进行的,该白皮书迫使中央银行开始认真考虑发布自己的数字硬币。立陶宛中央银行副行长马里乌斯·贾古拉斯(Marius Jurgilas)在评论新币时对路透社表示:“在我们意识到存在合法威胁,有人会占领我们的空间之前,中央银行界没人认真考虑数字货币
数字 中央银行 硬币 区块 令牌 货币

两名新合作伙伴加入了SIX Stage Program

瑞士金融市场基础设施运营商SIX周四(7月2日)宣布,作为新的研究合作伙伴的瑞银(UBS)和作为新的情况说明书提供商的Finanz und Wirtschaft报纸都已加入瑞士证券交易所的阶段计划,以提高上市中小型企业的知名度。阶段计划的既定合作伙伴Baader Helvea和ZurcherKantonalbank将继续作为研究合作伙伴。第六阶段计划于2016年9月启动,旨在提高上市中小型企业的知名度。它帮助越来越多的上市公司扩大其在资本市场的影响力以及在主要利益相关者中的知名度。SIX表示,为避免潜在的利益冲突,发行人和银行都不会对研究任务的分配产生任何影响;这是随机完成的。此外,瑞士证券交
合作伙伴 瑞士 知名度 计划 交易所 研究

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