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Overall, EUR/USD is ranging across. Recently, EUR/USD bounced off the resistance zone of 1.17400.
GBP/USD Price Analysis: Bulls can ignore pullback unless breaking 1.3100 GBP/USD eases from 1.3176, the highest level in six weeks, flashed the previous day. 61.8% Fibonacci retracement probe the buye...
Ever wish you have a time machine to go back in time and undo the costly mistakes you made in your early trading career? Unfortunately, such thing does not exist yet! But, these five trading tips shar...
According to my DXY index analytics, Dollar will grow, so I expect EUR/USD is dropping to support line. It just my idea, trade on your own risk. Good luck on trading!
Small port, small profit. But the important thing is to win the market, get more you want, must invest more for the beautiful profit! GO GO GO!

[Where Did You Gold?] The 'Deadline' For U.S. Stimulus Negotiations Is Approaching! Gold Fell Below 1900.

[FX168 Hong Kong] Tuesday (October 20) in Asian markets, the U.S. dollar index was basically stable and is now near 93.45; spot gold fell rapidly in the short-term, and the price of gold just fell below the $1,900 per ounce mark.West limited the passage of the stimulus bill before the general electi
Silver Price Analysis: XAG/USD bulls attack 50% Fibonacci retracement, 200-HMA to keep $24.00 1)Silver keeps bounces off a three-day low of $23.93 flashed the previous day. 2) U-turn from 61.8% Fibona
Yes should learn this.😂
13 Oct

USDJPY possible end of full cycle?

#USD/JPY# UJ appears to be finishing a full Elliot wave cycle on the M timeframe. price possibly dropping another 800ish pips before post fundamentals take effect and determine the new trend.
13 Oct

Global pandemic's 2nd wave 'likely to peak in December’

As many parts of the world face a rebound in COVID-19 cases, with almost all European countries tightening their anti-epidemic measures and local media claiming the second wave of the pandemic has begun, Chinese medical experts predicted that the latest wave is likely to peak in December and January
EUR/USD Price Analysis: Dips below 1.18, Monday's low is key support D1 Chart:
12 Oct

Gold - bearish bias

#XAU/USD# Bearish bias on gold , the red zone is the bears ideal sell-zone and the blue zone is the SL zone and finally the green area is the TP zone for bears. This is the weekly bearish bias from the pivot point view.
“I’m also a firm believer in predicting price direction, but not magnitude. I don’t set price targets. I get out when the market action tells me it’s time to get out, rather than based on any cons...
Loss Aversion – Cut Losses Short & Let Winners Run If you’ve been trading for a while, you’ve probably heard the following ubiquitous mantra of trading: “Cut Your Losses Short & Let Your Winners ...
09 Oct

USD/JPY 15MIN Rising wedge

#USD/JPY# 1.294 acts as support and bull pressure on lower time frames

Pull-up Update