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#NZD/USD# update looking for price action confirmation after breaking support on retest short position

Where Did You Gold? Gold Prices Remain Stable at 1870 This Week

Kuala Lumpur 11:30 a.m. (GMT +8) - In the early Asian market, the U.S. dollar index fell under pressure and is now reported near 92.25. Boosted by the weaker U.S. dollar, gold price rose. Gold is current trading at around $1,873 per ounce. Analysts pointed out that although a weaker U

EUR is about to fall...

#EUR/USD# As you can see, the resistance zone has worked noteworthy, and you can see the entrance of sellers into the market. I expect the market is about to fall.


#EUR/JPY# Buy Stop: Entry Point-123272 Stop Loss-123162 Re-entry-123143 Sell Stop: Entry Point-123000 Stop Loss-123111 Re-entry-123129 we are testing a new strategy,and to find a strong relative support and resistance level. so this is still on develpoment stage and just for reference.

NAS100USD Week 2020 Nov 23



#AUD/JPY# 目前看来,AUDJPY 很可能走一个变异的鲨鱼模型。另外,猜测中间存在一个AB=CD的模型。这样看来,目标应该是79附近。我手中的多单会持有到79出掉,再观察供给区的反应,看是否做空。 自己的做单思路记录,不构成其他人的做单依据。(*^▽^*)
模型 单会 出掉 看来 鲨鱼 变异


#EUR/USD# - EU has reached a significant daily resistance and is showing rejection from this highlighted area - Expected $ ( DXY ) strength into next week - if this pair reverses I see longer-term downward momentum to 1.15000 - Haven't entered the trade yet but will look to enter once

SILVER do not miss sell

#XAG/USD# Hi traders if you in sell from roof then manage your trade well, I will be looking to sell again. watch for breakout and do manage your trade well. good luck thanks for support like, share and comment below

GBPJPY sits in the middle creates buy & sell opportunities

#GBP/JPY# I've marked the key monthly zones, and weekly trend lines on the chart Price is now in the middle, sort of undecided. My interested zone is marked below. the pre-trade setup is as below: 1. looking for short on the upper cyan-blue colored zone 2. looking for long on the below


#EUR/USD# Eurusd short base on anomalies, absorptions and spread analysis

Silver sharply off highs but retains $24.00 handle amid choppy Friday trade

Silver trades sharply below highs made at the start of the US session, but holds onto decent gains on the day. Significant upside was seen in precious metals markets as US Treasury Secretary Mnuchin spoke prior to the US open. Silver (XAG/USD) started off strong on Friday, rallying through the Asia


#USD/CAD# Looking for a correction on the DXY .

NZDJPY / Buy pattren /

#NZD/JPY# NZDJPY / Forcastiong buy apurtunity , Buy at this key level siiple and clean ?? THANK YOU

Pull-up Update