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The interview of Kosin

Kosin(Profile:https://www.followme.com/user/313918/zone) is a Followme A level trader. His account has been trading for almost one year, and he had a very impressive performance, especially his amount is not big. His capital is good for the FX beginner, so we are pleased to invite Kos

Copytrade is it worth it?

· Do you trust in gold volatility?· Are u fans of Gold asset?· Do u believe in gold sentiment/news related? Then you are on the right track to choose @ProEA as your strateg
Profit 15% a day! Do you want!!!

Big shark on the move! @nguyenminhtam

@nguyenminhtam had shown an extraordinary performance on his trading record in FOLLOWME. This account is an EA account meaning that the trade position is based on computer algorithms and artificial intelligent. Meaning to say that this is an robo-trader account. (No scepticism on robot capability).
My trading of oil yesterday. Although I had predicted weeks ago, it was until at the end of last week that oil reached fibo 61.8 and met a strong resistance that it would going to change its direction...

Getting To Know @BiuBiu333

Hi traders, hope it has been a profitable trading week for you. Last week, I did a study on Danney5215’s account for the benefit of those looking for accounts to copytrade. Today, in my second account analysis, let us get to know @BiuBiu333 who is a trader from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Here is an ana
If you have a feeling of anxiety you should close the trade and continue trading keeping a cool head. #BeginnerTrader# #copytradingvsselftrading# ...
#gold#Contact me if you want to copy this master.My account is 1000$ deposit. I use volume 0.01 lot.Profit about 30%/month. (after minus commission for EA owner)
How to use the shortest time to become an outstanding forex trader? I believe this is a common problem for many traders. I think the simplest way to grow is nothing more than learning from experience...


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