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Get FCOIN instructions

Mainland China supports WeChat and Alipay payments; non-Mainland China supports Paypal and credit card payments.

After the user confirms the purchase, the payment will be deducted through the corresponding payment account.

After the get FCOIN is successful, refunds, withdrawals, or transfers to others are temporarily not supported.

Problems encountered in payment

1. If it shows that the get FCOIN is successful (the payment has been successful), but the "points" are not received, it may be due to network delays, you can refresh the page/close the App process and enter again, check the "points" whether to update.

2. If the "pips" have not been increased within 30 minutes, please take a screenshot of your get FCOIN record and report it to customer service. We will check your get FCOIN order as soon as possible.

3. If the get FCOIN "pips" are not received, your get FCOIN amount will be returned to you within 3~7 working days.

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