Statistics Data Introduction

Basic Community Operation

Medals and Icons


  1. Community Administrator (blue): Refers to active users who provide help and guidance, reply to users' questions, activate the community atmosphere, delete illegal microblogs and advertising microblogs, review, ban, and issue feedback to manage community order award the "Community Administrator" medal and give certain management rights.

  2. Product Experience Officer (orange): Refers to the users who write product optimization suggestions, write product online experience reports, and collect and organize website/APP product bug feedback from time to time award the "Product Experience Officer" medal.

  3. Community Active King: Refers to the number of people who invite friends to register with FOLLOWME and connect their accounts through FCOIN rewards during the FanFesticval, or to see the number of new fans added by users within a specified number of months, thus awarding the user the medal of "Community Active King".

Signal List for Licensed Brokers

Invitation Program