Statistics Data Introduction

Basic Community Operation

Signal List for Licensed Brokers

Invitation Program

Invite friends benefits rules

Friends register FOLLOWME through the invitation link and connect to the MT4 account. The inviter can get benefits with $3. The connected account must meet the following conditions:

1. The connected account must be"Signal List of Licensed Broker " the Signal List of Licensed Broker

2. The account must be connected with the "Transaction password", and the "read-only password" cannot be used to obtain benefits
*If you have used the "read-only password" connection, you can modify it in "Account management" - "General" - "Sync transaction password"

3. The account of the broker connected by the friend must have an equity greater than 0

4. When a friend connects many accounts, only the benefits for the first connection are settled, and the benefits for the connected account that meets the conditions will be issued to the wallet within 24 hours