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Morning traders, we have removed the NZDUSD pending order, we didn't get a retest overnight so no fill, we still like longs on NZDUSD tho so we keep an eye for pullbacks as Powell yesterday mentioned that they do NOT want to overtighten which it's a loud statement that the FED is getting cautious and is taking into account a much slower economy later down the line, first that means that precious metals are set up to enjoy a wonderful bull run over the coming months as we explained in the latest email note, and second that we are interested in some USD shorts on pullbacks In the meantime, from China we are getting positive vibes, they are easing some restrictions, and they are allowing more flexibility, this keeps short term sentiment positive so we continue to like the two antipodeans AUD and NZD, PCE today and NFP tomorrow should provide some more volatility so will keep an eye on NZDUSD to see if we get a pullback to long

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