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#OPINIONLEADER# Morning market update 14 09 2021: Firstly Q&A time for the USDCHF & NZDCHF not pairs that I do trade as a disclaimer, although the NZDCHF if it can get through 0.6620 and can bounce off this area is a possible buy trade. The USDCHF is against resistance currently and given the upcoming inflation data which is being released at 20:30 GMT+8 tonight, I will sit out until after the news. If inflation beats expectations and price can get through 0.92230 this will look better as a buy trade. The trend is quite sideways and the NZDCHF from a chart perspective looks better so I would leave the USDCHF for now. The main news event for today is the US CPI and is a significant catalyst for the DXY sit and wait mode until then. USD index 14 09 2021:
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