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#OPINIONLEADER#   Pivots - why would anyone NOT use pivots????? makes no sense. I've been trading since 2005 and have been a professional trader for many years. Hi. I'm Ralf K. I'm giving away all the indicators I use to trade plus my FX trading manual absolutely free including my Disciplindicator - the RKD Discipline Indicator, an indicator that has been on sale previously for £95. Very early in my trading career I came to understand just how invaluable pivots are for trading. Every serious FX trader should use them and I'll tell you why. Pivots are the only indicator that sees into the future. I am currently recording a trading video where I am predicting that on at least 4 currencies pairs, the retail traders (the herd) are wrong. I show 5 positions where the herd are selling where they should be buying and where the herd are buying where they should be selling. This video is a follow up video I posted when the price was 60 pips away from the WR1 pivot and for 3 days the retail traders were selling when I was saying they should be buying. I was predicting 3 days before the event that the price would go higher. On Thursday the price did indeed as I forecast hit the WR1 pivot where I placed a SELL trade. You can see how this trade developed and how I cashed in on trading at the pivot level. The power of pivots lies in fundamental principles of support and resistance. If you have historical support or historical resistance and these levels coincide with a pivot level then you can place alerts on your charts when the price reaches these levels to see if there is a trading possibility. Many FX instructors on YouTube will show you retrospective examples of how their method works and want to charge you to to learn their method. My videos are recorded live and show live trading setups and all the indicators I use plus my method are available for free to anyone who wants them.

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