Here's when you can buy boozy Fresca

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New York (CNN Business)Fresca Mixed, a boozy version of the popular soda, is finally about to hit shelves.

Details about the highly anticipated canned cocktail have been slowly spilling out following its January announcement. Fresca Mixed will come in two flavors — vodka spritz and tequila paloma — both of which use the citrus-flavored soda as a base. The 100 calorie, 5% alcohol-by-volume drinks will go on sale in the United States this month.
Constellation Brands (STZ), the brewer behind Corona, and Coca-Cola (KO) said they are launching the product because Fresca is surging in popularity. Thes zero-calorie, no-sugar, 64-year-old beverage has become an optimal choice as a mixer.
    "Fresca's one-of-a-kind flavor is the key to making perfect cocktails and has been used as a base in various drink recipes for years," the companies said in a release Thursday. "Fans know that the citrus soda is unlike any other, whether served as a mixer or on its own."
      Here's when you can buy boozy Fresca
      The vodka spritz flavor mixes a "real vodka distilled four times" with the "light and classic" taste of Fresca, while the tequila paloma blends "real tequila blanco from Mexico" with Fresca. Both can be consumed from the can or over ice and have a suggested cost of $9.99 for a 4-pack of 12-ounce cans.
      Fresca Mixed marks Coke's latest alcoholic option based of its soft drinks as the canned cocktail trend grows. Jack and Coke, which combines Coke and Jack Daniels whiskey, was announced in June, That's soon joining its existing lineup of Topo Chico Hard Seltzer and Simply Spiked Lemonade, both made in partnership with MolsonCoors (TAP).
        Sales of canned cocktails have exploded as drinkers look for convenience and new flavors beyond wine and beer. The beverage category grew 53% last year and is projected to grow another 29% over the next three years, according to data from IWSR Drinks Analysis.
          Data from NielsenIQ recently revealed that ready-to-drink cocktails grew 106% in sales this summer compared to last.

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