Market News 22/8

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✨Good Monday, everyone! This week is going to be interesting, because we have PMIs, Jackson Hole, and other interesting events coming up. Let’s review what interesting news has happened in the market so far.

🏦Traders await the Jackson Hole symposium, where the Fed Chair Jerome Powell is expected to provide a signal on further monetary policy steps on August 26.

📉EURUSD has started this week in red, inching closer to the parity level.

👀The gold (XAUUSD) is also moving down, the first support on the way of bears lies at 1725.

💵Indices have also been going lower since the start of Monday’s trading session. Nasdaq (US100) has been down more than 0.8%, while S&P500 (US500) has dropped by 0.7%.

📈USDCNH has surged to the levels of September 2020, above the 6.84 level. Now analysts see the possibility for the pair to go even higher to 7.00.

🧯The US gas (XNGUSD) has retested the 9.52 level since the start of the week. Will the price break above this resistance?



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