Biggest Discount on this month.

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I decided to discount my trading strategies indicator from 3000$ to 100$ for 100 people.

This is lifetime and just 1 time payment. The tool is using on, it will be the full source code.

My trading account is using this system trading. Because i need the money to finish my CFA and CMT level 3 exam.

Below is the Record of all of my trading account.

It show entry and stoploss with just some little pips.Biggest Discount on this month.

You can scalping and win the whole trend.

It worked good with m1 timeframe, you will receive the instructor. Sometimes, it hit stoploss twice but you win the whole trendBiggest Discount on this month.

Here is my active trade. 30 mean 30 gold ounce = 0.3 lot size on MetaTrader platform.Biggest Discount on this month.

Here is risk and reward:

Biggest Discount on this month.

Performance on Pepperstone with tradingview platform history: Discount on this month.

Performance on Exness:


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