The Best Guesser of February NFP data is You!

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The Best Guesser of February NFP data is You!


Regardless of experienced traders or new traders, #GuessNFP# and #DựĐoánNFP# are here to award our best guessers, as long as your guess is the closest to the actual NFP result. 

NFP data for the second month of 2022 - February recorded as an actual result at 678K, the most in seven months and way above market forecasts of 400K, previously at 481K. Let’s see who are our winners this month! 

FIRST PRIZE - 50 FCOIN and an EBOOK - The 10 Essentials of Forex Trading






***The reward will be distributed to you all as soon as possible this week. 


FOLLOWME appreciates all users’ participation, however, there are only 3 winners! We encourages users to study relevant market analysis and make a better guess next month.


From next month, we would like to change the way to guess NFP data as follows: 

We will post an article on the very first Monday of every month on topics #GuessNFP# and #DựĐoánNFP#, users can comment down below that article to take a guess about NFP data. 


Remember, each FOLLOWME account is only allowed to make 1 guess, kindly make use of the 1 and only guess for the upcoming #GuessNFP# , #DựĐoánNFP# campaign. 

Hope to see you next month!

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yea the data result this month surprised me
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