imTrader S9 Contest comes to an end - What a glorious journey!

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imTrader S9 Contest comes to an end - What a glorious journey!

imTrader Trading Contest is a trading event for global traders and it is held two seasons a year. FOLLOWME hopes to hold a stage for traders to share their trading capacity and find out some outstanding traders.

In the trading competition, traders can use their own different trading techniques and strategies. FOLLOWME will calculate the score with a multi-dimension system and each traders’ achievement and performance can be seen. According to the rules, traders can sign up for the competition anytime.

Over the past 8 seasons, 14,889 participating accounts have accounted for cumulative equity of 102,351,239 USD, 64 winners have been generated and a total of 116,837 USD has been awarded cumulatively.


S9 began on 27 September 2021 and after 3 competitive exciting months, we would like to inform you that the time for the contest has eventually wrapped up.


We are pleased to announce Winners in 3 groups. Let’s have a big round of applause for these champions who have excellently won out of over 300 participants of the Global division.

Large Account Group

First Place (500 USD): @zsjomklj with score of 79.99

Second Place (250 USD): @Mr Mushroom with score of 74.56

Third Place (100 USD): @unlax with score of 59.30

Micro Account Group

First Place (1,000 USD): @K&K forex investment with score of 83.84

Second Place (500 USD): @babe915119 with score of 79.19

Third Place (100 USD): @缘分 with score of 76.65

Random Group

First Place (1,000 FCOIN): @Mr Mushroom with score of 87.07

Second Place (500 FCOIN): @0605634 with score of 81.63

Third Place (200 FCOIN): @Edward 68 with score of 80.49


Thanks to everyone who took part in and helped make this contest a great success. We really appreciate it. 

Don’t worry if you didn’t win. Keep an eye on our page for the next contest coming soon. We would like to see you coming back stronger and stronger. 

In the meantime, head on over to join our other interesting events with huge rewards going on such as #OPINIONLEADER# , #GuessNFP#. Looking forward to your participation!

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@imTrader Contest i think you put the category name wrongly in the post😳
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fixed. Thank you so much for reminding 😘
@缘分 You should come to the foreigner community to participate in the competition,hahaha😜
@种地的拖拉机2021 you can check my name at the micro group😬
Hope that I can be here next time.
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Congrats @zsjomklj @Mr Mushroom @unlax @K&K forex investment @babe915119 @缘分 @0605634 @Edward 68 . Your rewards will be distributed soon. Thank you 😍👏