Registration for imTrader S9 is Over - Competition is Heated Up!

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Registration for imTrader S9 is Over - Competition is Heated Up!

imTrader Trading Contest is a trading event for global traders and it is held two seasons a year. FOLLOWME hopes to hold a stage for traders to share their trading capacity and find out some outstanding traders.

In the trading competition, traders can use their own different trading techniques and strategies. FOLLOWME will calculate the score with a multi-dimension system and each traders’ achievement and performance can be seen. According to the rules, traders can sign up for the competition anytime.

Over the past 8 seasons, 14,889 participating accounts have accounted for cumulative equity of 102,351,239 USD, 64 winners have been generated and a total of 116,837 USD has been awarded accumulatively.


S9 began on 27 September 2021 and after 2 months,

we would like to inform our users that the time for contest registration is over from now on.


There are 10,000 participating accounts on FOLLOWME in imTrader Trading Contest and the global division is in full swing.

We are grateful that you decide to join this contest and are enthusiastically performing your best in each group.

In the trading competition, you can share your trading strategy and let more people know you.

In the trading competition, you can verify your trading strategy and gain glory trading.

In the trading competition, you can make a communicate about your trading skills and make more friends.

Challenge champion reward, get it now! You are the next expectant trading star of the FOLLOWME Trading Community!

Registration for imTrader S9 is Over - Competition is Heated Up!

Don’t forget to share your thoughts/reviews about the contest to get rewards as well, we love to hear from you. Click here to know more about it: #S9ContestReview#

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Too late for me to registrate...
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