2021 Contest Reporter丨Can He Make It Happen again?

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2021 Contest Reporter丨Can He Make It Happen again?



Trading Account: #4

Trading Platform: GO Markets

Participation Group: The Random Group

Participation Capital: 3,107.20 USD

Current Score: 68.72

Analysis: The participation account named @东北路交易员 #4 from the broker of GO Markets ranked 14th in The Random Group of the Global Division currently. At the moment, her Win Rate is 83.77%, Max DD is 80.26% and the Profit/Loss Ratio is 0.27:1. He has joined our trading community for a while and kept profitable in several months after. But in this competition season, he presently has not performed really well. He can be back to the great performance like before, can’t he?


2021 Contest Reporter丨Can He Make It Happen again?

On November 5, imTrader Trading Contest (S9) has added 146 new accounts, the equity of new accounts was 2,753,899.44 USD, and added order is up to 64,855. Currently, the total participating accounts have exceeded 6,500 in S9!

*The above data is the whole of Chinese and Global Division of imTrader Trading Contest (S9)


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