20OCT - Watch this before you trade. News in focus is GBP CPI. Trade ideas on GBPUSD, EURGBP, GBPJPY

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Currency call summary 20 10 2021:

GBPUSD buy trade idea:

Entry: above 1.3816 (quick opportunity after the CPI release today at 14:00 GMT+8)

SL 20 pips

TP: 40 pips

Be cautious of the 1.3870 resistance level given the recent rejections seen here, therefore if your holding a long and price reaches this point expect a pull back around this zone.

EURGBP: no trading opportunities currently on this pair given the support level price is hovering around, price action around this support zone has seen some choppy moves and high volatility with a lack of clean moves making trading challenging.

GBPJPY buy trade idea:

Entry: 1.5747 or higher after a small pull back

SL: 60 pip

TP: 280 pips (for the patient traders)

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