NZD/CHF – Dovish Rate Hike By RBNZ

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ByGim Hong Lee

 OCT 6, 2021

  • RBNZ hiked rate by 0.25%
  • Potential downside below 0.64 handle

NZD/CHF – Dovish Rate Hike By RBNZChart 1: NZD/CHF D1 chart

During the monetary policy decision announcement earlier today, the Reserve Bank of New Zealand (RBNZ) hiked interest rate by 0.25% in an attempt to maintain low inflation and support maximum sustainable employment. However, since this is a dovish hike, the New Zealand dollar strengthened for a short period of time before losing back its gains and weakened further.

At the moment, NZD/CHF is trading around the 0.64 handle. With the dovish rate hike carried out by the RBNZ, look for selling opportunities of NZD/CHF if it breaks below 0.64 handle.

Trade Setup for NZD/CHF (D1)

Sell Stop at 0.6370

Upcoming major news that may impact price movement of NZD/CHF

21 October – New Zealand CPI q/q data release at 0545 (GMT+8)

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