My Trading Journey ( A Roller Coaster)

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I started Forex back in 2016 when i was a student in Australia. I was there to study and we worked hard during those days. One day i was surfing the web in search f some making money Techniques when i stumbeled upon a facebook Forex Group which was teaching a new way of making money through your phone.

My Trading Journey ( A Roller Coaster)

They Claimed we could make money by the comfort of our home. That news was Just crazy because we were working ass off doing 8 hours shifts in our work uniforms. I searched more on Facebook and found a guy named Rodney who was teaching easy methods to trade forex from the comfort of couch. I was impressed. He was Posting daily wins in his Facebook Group.

My Trading Journey ( A Roller Coaster)

I talked to him on phone the very next day and we agreed to a deal that he will be teaching me a great method to make money on the internet. The next day i started learning from him and same day i was implementing what i was doing. i was pretty impressed of what was being taught to me at that time. He taught me how to trade using RSI indicator. That was too easy and when i made the first profit i said to myself " well this is easy money right"

More on this later be sure to follow me for more..

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