It’s Never Too Late to Get Reward by Posting

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The Opinion Leader Program is a paid scheme to welcome good content. Whether you are an analyst, trader, broker, media journalist, as long as you have a pair of sharp eyes on the market with great analysis, forecast, or even exclusive tips in trading or copy trading, we want to hear from you and reward you for your valuable voice.

With a prize as high as 500 FCOIN (worth $50) to give away every TWO weeks,

We are so excited to announce the latest winning posts under this program! 

It’s Never Too Late to Get Reward by PostingIt’s Never Too Late to Get Reward by PostingIt’s Never Too Late to Get Reward by Posting

Congratulations to all the winners!


If you are not on the list, don't be discouraged, all participants will receive the minimum 10 FCOIN reward. 

Want to know more about how this program works? READ THIS.

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