EURNZD buy trade idea 02 06 2021

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SL: 1.6862

TP1: 1.6912

TP2: 1.6932

TP3: 1.6952

Signal Analysis by LCMS Traders 

Currency Pair: EURCAD

BUY EURCAD 1.4742 

Timeframe: H1

Step 1 - Previous News: EUR: German Preliminary CPI continued to rise, Eurozone CPI flash & Unemployment Rate 1700hrs, CAD: OPEC-JMMC meetings today

Step 2 - Trend: Across, Trend Following

Step 3 - Support/Resistance: Moving Towards Resistance

Step 4 - Indicators

- Bollinger Bands: within 

- MACD: fast turning up, slow down

- Stochastic: H4

- PSAR: bearish

Step 5 - Upcoming News: EUR: -, CAD: GDP m/m 2030hrs, Manufacturing PMI 2130hrs

EURNZD buy trade idea 02 06 2021

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