3 Common Mistakes Forex Traders Make

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3 Common Mistakes Forex Traders Make

ByLCMS Traders FX Analysis Team

 APR 21, 2021

As with all businesses that involve money, forex trading has its fair share of risks involved in the process. As profitable as it can be, making the wrong moves can cost you money and a lot of it if you’re not careful. These are some of the common mistakes forex traders make so you know how to avoid them:

3 Common Mistakes Forex Traders Make

Lacking a Trading Plan

Similar to any other business venture, you need a concrete and detailed plan to make a profit in the world of forex. The first thing is to set up realistic goals regarding the profit you’ll make so you don’t end up chasing losses.

3 Common Mistakes Forex Traders Make

If you’ve traded before, you’ll have records on how you’ve made profits and losses, so follow those techniques. Another key point is to know when to enter a specific trade and when to exit it at the right time. Set clear alerts for all entry and exit signals to stay updated.

Lack of Research

Simply being good at making deductions, analysis and math won’t be enough to last you for a long time in the forex trading scene. The numbers in the forex trading scene are affected by a wide variety of factors that you’ll need to keep a close eye out for.

Factors like interest rates and other market fundamentals can drive your frequently traded currency pairs in different directions. What was feasible earlier can prove to be a loss later on. Reading up on the work of others, taking note of their trading techniques and insights is also important.

Not Paying Attention to News and Events

A key part of being in the forex market is being aware of the changes taking place in the world, especially with regards to the various economic authorities and governments. A country’s economic condition and any statement pushed out by their banks can leave a drastic change in currency pairs.

There are certain schedules with regards to economic affairs that you’d want to be aware of and take notes on, but nothing is set in stone so you’ll have to carry out due diligence on your part.

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3 Common Mistakes Forex Traders Make

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i am the one who lack of trading plan,lol
one question, should I pay attention to both technical and fundamental analysis
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It's a tricky question I find that a bit of both helps but it depends on your trading strategy.
I only focus on technical analysis and less on fundamentals