Who wants rewards?

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Many interesting points of view have been shared since the launch of the #OPINIONLEADER# program. As always, we welcome high-quality content. Be it an article or video, personal trading experience, or market prediction, we welcome and give rewards to them all.

Who wants rewards?

In order to encourage more sharing, now as long as you join the topic discussion, you can get 10 FCOIN rewards (withdrawable), without a 300 words limit. However, your content should meet other requirements.

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Let’s see what to do:

1, Use the “Note” function to share your Inspiration about trading. 

2, Tag #OPINIONLEADER# and post.


Who wants rewards?



Who wants rewards?Who wants rewards?

Much easier, uh? Share your thoughts and take the reward home! If you don’t want to settle only on 10 FCOIN, you should go for 500 FCOIN every two weeks with the Opinion Leader Program.

Terms and Conditions:

Each account can only receive the reward once a day.

For example, Alice post 10 Opinion Leader content on April 1, she can receive 10 FCOIN, if Alice posts Opinion Leader content for constantly 5 days, she can receive 50 FCOIN.


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