Record Your Trading, Get Cash Rewards

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When you look back on your orders, you may find that there are errors. By writing trading notes, you can slowly come up with a structure to collect your gained knowledge and improve yourself in trading the markets. 

Record Your Trading, Get Cash Rewards

Trading notes are designed for traders to record their order, and review it. FOLLOWME encourages traders to take 10 min to review their order everyday.

With a prize as high as $600 to give away every month, we are on the lookout for the best content creators inside and outside the community. Writing trading notes is one of the ways to join the Opinon Leader program.

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Here are some tips to kick start your writing:

1,An overview of this order

2,How do you analyse the market

3,what is your strategy

4,what you've learned from this trade

5,what will you do next

We hope this guide helps so you can start writing your trading notes. You may become the next Opinion Leader in FOLLOWME.

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