MOEX trading volumes grow by 12.8% MoM to RUB 72.1 trillion in February

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MOEX trading volumes grow by 12.8% MoM to RUB 72.1 trillion in February

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In Feb 2021, total trading volumes across Moscow Exchange’s markets grew by 12.8 % MoM to RUB 72.1 trillion (RUB 63.9 trillion in Jan 2021).

Standout growth leaders were the Equity Market (+20.4% MoM) and Money Market (+29.7% MoM), while smaller growth was recorded for the Derivatives Market (+3.5% MoM), and FX spot Market (+4.8% MoM).

Equity & Bond Market

In Feb 2021, the total trading volume on the Equity and Bond Market was RUB 3,703.8 billion (Jan 2021: RUB 3,076.4 billion), hereafter excluding overnight bonds.

Trading volume in RDRs, shares, and investment fund units decreased by 0.52% MoM to RUB 2,235.9 billion (Jan 2021: RUB 2,247.5 billion). ADTV decreased by 5.5% MoM to RUB 111.8 billion (Jan 2021: RUB 118.3 billion).

Trading volume in regional, corporate, and sovereign bonds was RUB 1,467.9 billion (Jan 2021: RUB 828.9 billion). ADTV was RUB 73.4 billion (Jan 2021: RUB 43.6 billion).

61 new bond issues with a total value of RUB 1,074.0 billion (of which overnight bonds accounted for RUB 369.6 billion) were placed in February 2021.

Derivatives Market

Derivatives Market volumes increased by 3.5% MoM to RUB 12.0 trillion (January 2021: RUB 11.6 trillion) or 162.2 million contracts (January 2021: 158.8 million), of which 158.3 million contracts were futures and 3.9 million contracts were options. ADTV was RUB 599.9 billion (January 2021: RUB 612.5 billion).

Open interest at the end of the month grew by 19.9% MoM to RUB 820.7 billion (January 2021: RUB 684.7 billion).

The Standardised OTC Derivatives Market volumes increased by 32.3% MoM, reaching RUB 86.9 billion.

FX Market

FX Market trading volume was RUB 24.0 trillion (Jan 2021: RUB 22.9 trillion), with spot trades of RUB 7.8 trillion and swap trades and forwards totalling RUB 16.2 trillion.

The FX Market’s ADTV was RUB 1,198.2 billion (USD 16.1 billion), compared to RUB 1,203.6 billion (USD 16.2 billion) in January 2021.

Money Market

Money Market trading volume increased by 29.7% MoM to RUB 31.9 trillion (Jan 2021: RUB 24.6 trillion). ADTV was RUB 1,597.1 billion (Jan 2021: RUB 1,296.0 billion).

The CCP-cleared repo segment decreased by 13.4% MoM to RUB 18.1 trillion, including the GCC repo segment which was RUB 5.9 trillion.

The Russian Exchange recently announced that the number of individuals with accounts has grown by almost 1.2 million people year-to-date and now it has reached 10 million.

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