PrimeXM reports $909.89 billion monthly trading volume in February

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PrimeXM reports $909.89 billion monthly trading volume in February

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PrimeXM has just released its trading volumes for Feb 2021. The broker registered a total of $909.89 billion in monthly trading volume in February across the three major Data Center locations. The metrics represent a 3% MoM increase compared to January when it was $883.26 billion.

The Average Daily Volume (ADV) in February reached $45.49 billion with a 3%MoM improvement compared to the ADV of January when it was $44.16 billion. Feb 1 was the highest daily trading volume of the month with $67.56 billion turnovers. The total trades registered in February were 28.79 million.

More than 74% of the total monthly traded volume was recorded in Prime XM Data Center in London LD4 – $680 billion in notional value. The Data Center in TY3 and NY4 registered a monthly trading volume of $121.58 billion and $108.30 billion, respectively.

XAUUSD remained the most popular instrument of traders for the past few months, with a total trading volume of $270 billion in February which represented 30% of the overall monthly trading volume. Major FX pairs EURUSD and GBPUSD followed with a combined volume of $261.6 billion.

Recently, fast-growing multi-asset Forex and CFD investment company Accuindex partnered with PrimeXM in order to integrate with its order routing service XCore.

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