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Hi everyone, I'm MetalQuant. I've been to FOLLOWME for more than 6 months. I'm glad to meet some friends here and see there is a lot of great trading strategies. This is a great community.

During this period of time, there is some friends have been chatting with me constantly, wanting to understand and subscribe to my trading signals. My #2 trading signal is a trading strategy that focuses on gold EA. We are a team and have optimized the strategy during the period, so you see some losses in the early period, but fortunately, it is adjusted in time and has been running more stable until now. I made a deposit of $28,500 and score a net profit of $19,000 now! We will continue to optimize the strategy.

In order to let more people feel the charm of foreign exchange trading, we decided to open a free subscription, and we will not consider changing to a paid subscription in a short time.

Trading is a game of probability. We only take the initiative when the balance of probability is inclined to us, and when we fall to the other side, we choose to retreat and launch in time. Therefore, it is impossible to fully control the transaction, especially in a short period of time. Consider your own risk tolerance, and a rational follow method will help you and traders make profits together.

So, there are a few suggestions for subscribers:

1. If you follow the same fund with a profit-loss ratio of 1:1, the current net worth is $48,000, and you need to appropriately reduce the ratio according to your own funds. For example, if you are $10,000, it is best to follow with a ratio of less than 20%. If you still consider If you follow more traders or have part of your own transactions, you need to drop to a lower ratio.

2. If your gold spreads are high, then you need to consider carefully, because our trading volume is very large, and high spreads will bring heavy transaction costs

3. It is best not to follow the intervention to close the position. You can set up a great function of FOLLOWME, the net value protection, to determine your total loss. But in the follow-up transaction, intervention to close the position will make the result very biased, I believe this is not what you want.

Finally, welcome everyone to subscribe to me and let us feel the charm of forex trading together!

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If you like, reward to support.

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