Swissquote Announces Partnership with Tesla to Launch Car Leasing

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The broker teamed up with the American electric car maker to expand its activities in the leasing sector.

Swissquote Announces Partnership with Tesla to Launch Car LeasingPhoto: Reuters

Switzerland-based online trading platform, Swissquote announced today that it has partnered with the world’s largest electric car manufacturer, Tesla to increase its services in the credit sector. The broker is launching a new digital leasing offering in cooperation with Tesla to help swiss clients interested in purchasing new cars.

According to the press release shared with Finance Magnates, the Switzerland-based financial services company is planning to focus on evolving market trends related to the automotive industry. The broker partnered with Tesla to capture the growing interest of people in electric cars. The Swiss company is now bringing online leasing of Tesla to the clients in order to make the leasing process simple.

“Swissquote is expanding its activities in the credit sector. Leasing is a popular option for the purchase of new cars in Switzerland. Swissquote is focusing on a market trend that is moving decisively towards electric cars, aiming to make financing a Tesla as effortless as driving one. With Swissquote’s entry into the leasing market, customers can now benefit from an enhanced digital experience that enables swift processing of their leasing requests,” the company mentioned in the official press release.


Founded in the year 1999, the broker has expanded its services in recent months. Earlier this year, Swissquote introduced new CDFs on Asian stock indices, including Spot Japan 225, Spot China 50, and Forward China 50. The new partnership with Tesla shows that the broker is planning to explore new options for expansion including credit services. Tesla has gained massive popularity in recent years as a company due to the growing interest of people in electric cars. The popularity has been pretty evident in the share performance of Tesla which has gained more than 500% since the start of 2020.

Swissquote recently extended its decade-long partnership with FX technology firm Integral through a multi-year subscription deal.

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