FolloWebinar : Be Advanced & Be Wealthy

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FolloWebinar is a newly launched global livestream program by Followme. The community aims to build a communicative bridge among users, top traders, analysts and tutors. FolloWebinar is the platform for all of forex trading professionals to present their opinions and strategies to other traders or copy-traders.

Now we have our first presenter @kraken Ken to share his thoughts at 6:00am GMT+0 on 24th March with a theme of How to Invest in High Volatility Market. As global coronavirus continues to spread around the globe, there is much turbulence in the financial market, and in forex market, as always, some traders are losing while some winning. The point is how we seek profit opportunity in a turbulent period of time. How to adjust your trading strategies and your psychology.

It’s Followme’s pleasure to invite Ken to host the first episode of FolloWebinar. Please stay tuned. Livestreaming link will be released one hour ahead of the schedule. You can either click the banner on Web or APP, or you can click link to be released by @FMEvent .

FolloWebinar : Be Advanced & Be Wealthy

Ken is a full-time investor who invests in almost everything that have upside opportunity. His portfolio including property, stocks, equity (share of company that is not listed), commodities and forex. Kraken is an advanced trader with more than 10-year trading experience. And of course, he has accumulated a decent amount of money to support his life well.

Ken is also a faithful Followme user who registered his Followme account at the very beginning and has been very active and engaging since then. He’s been sharing his trading experience and thoughts and showing his profit. Click here to view his account.  

Followme official account @FMSelected did an interview with Ken in February, which was well-received by Followme users. Click here for interview details. You can also find it at topic #Followmeinterview#

Livestreaming link will be attached on @FMEvent latest post, which can also be found at #FolloWebinar##followmeevent#. Stay tuned!

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FMEvent will release a review today. For those who missed the livestreaming, please check my latest posting soon!
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the first episode of FolloWebinar was hosted successfully. Thank you all for watching! hope you found it helpful!
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watch it at:
let's go!
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@Omajosh:it's about to start! Watch it at: